Return & Exchange


Written by Superellanova Support

We constantly make an effort to provide the highest quality. However, we understand that there may be times when you need to replace or return certain clothes. As soon as you get your package, please carefully inspect the items. If there is a problem, please let us know within 30 days of delivery; beyond that time, the issue can no longer be rectified. Our business provides the most flexible return & refund policies in an effort to make your purchasing experience enjoyable.

Here are some recommendations:
Please tell us if you are an exception to this rule so we can provide you with further information.


1. Cancel the purchase; if it hasn't been sent, we'll provide a refund and do the cancellation on your behalf. We regret to inform you that we were unable to cancel and refund an order that had already been delivered. After we get the returned package, if you still want a refund, we will issue you one.
2. Please double-check your BWH specs and choose your size carefully. Please send us an email to request additional instructions if the size does not fit you and you want to return the item for a refund. Any reimbursement will be given upon the return package's arrival at our warehouse or by one of our agents.
3. For items that are listed as delivered but not really received, we are unable to give reimbursements.
4. Our sole duty is to resend the box if it is returned for destruction because of an erroneous address or is unclaimed. Additionally, clients must be able to pay the regular delivery fee. (10 dollars per piece)

Other reasons for returns include personal choice and "bad quality or not the same with web" items that didn't meet your expectations. (PS: In general, the product's material and other information were shown on our product page; please pay attention to them before placing your purchase.)

* If you have any returns, do get in touch with us for further details. Sending a return to the address on your package is not advised. We do not return mail to that address. Any returned package that was accidentally delivered to the incorrect address is not our responsibility. It's vital to understand that Superellanova does not pay for return shipping fees and cannot provide shipping labels.

Exchange: There are two options from which you may select:
The first is that you may place a new purchase for the correct size, and after we get your returned package, we will reimburse you for the incorrect size item.
The second is that as soon as we get the package, we will reship you a new size garment. Please send us an email describing the item and size you would like to exchange. Also, let us know which direction you prefer.

DAMAGED AND INACCURATE: If a damaged or incorrect item is delivered, our sole obligation is to replace it with a new, accurate item. (If you don't want your item(s) reshipped, we can alternatively give you a discount for the same amount.) Send us the images along with a description of the item in an email. We will handle your after-sales issues more quickly with the more specific information you have provided above.

* Quality issues include damaged segments, broken holes, and un-sewn seams. Included in non-quality issues are kink marks, press marks, few threads, and incorrect size selection.


1. Bodysuits, erotic lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, and underwear cannot be exchanged or returned.
2. The majority of our bandage dresses are miniskirts, above the knee in length, and have a fundamentally sensual style. No dress may be returned or exchanged due to its shortness.
3. Please provide a valid mailing address and avoid using a P.O. Box; otherwise, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages sent by post service or DHL that the recipient has given permission for to be left at the front door. Verify that you are able to accept the postal service.
4. After the return package is received in our warehouse or by one of our representatives, any refunds will be processed.
5. All goods must be returned in their original packaging. If it arrives with perfume, lipstick, or damage (the return reason is not for damage), there will be a 50% fee.