Our Story


Superellanova is recognized for providing customers from all around the globe with the season's most in-demand looks. We also have a reputation for having the most stunning bandage dresses in the industry. The aim of the novice is to create and market attractive and seductive garments. And we thought that all we needed to do was rediscover the confidence we already had in ourselves. Superellanova wants to show you the sexy, confident version of yourself.

In 2020, in VietNam, our story began. New equipment and knowledgeable personnel were enlisted, and they are confident in their ability to make any kind of beautiful women's apparel in existence.

In 2020-Now, The raging and amplified outbreak had a significant negative impact on our company's revenues. Even up to this point, we have been compelled to bolster our integrity in the fashion industry. We also do some investigation into other industries to find products relevant to the pandemic. Following that, we transformed the threat into peace and will continue to integrate our services and goods with the market.

Employees: Our employee base is growing steadily, and we are proud of the great talent we have on staff in all areas of life. Our employees are dedicated to our business and will work to advance it while also bettering themselves, which is the most important quality in this situation.

The philosophy of Superellanova is "You deserve the beauty, and you deserve the sight to find fashion." Superellanova is able to keep up with the most recent fashion developments and progressively bring chic looks into the homes of its clients. Additionally, we want to provide every client around the globe with fashionable, high-quality goods at affordable prices.